Belépés Regisztráció Rendelések Kosár tartalma

Data storage:
All the personal data of our registered users are stored in a database. This database is protected, and can be accessed only by our engeniers. The stored informations can be modified by the registrator or by our engeniers only. After any modification, the previous data will be lost, our system will store only the last data record.

Our company is out to operate such a system, which correspond to all security requirements. We do continuous harware and software upgrades to keep our system up to date, and we work with high qualified engeniers only.

Data protection:
We never give out any personal data to any third party, unless we are obligated by the europian laws.
The username and password are the fileds in our system to identify the customer. The passwords are stored in date encrypted format, we are unable to read it or change it. If You forgot your password, You have to make a new registration to get a new one.

One of the greatest problem of the Internet today is the SPAM. We realize the danger of this illness, and we want to declare, that we will do our best to roll back this symptom. First of all we will protect all your data (specially your e-mail address), and we will never send You any advertisement, unless You do'nt ask us to do so.