Belépés Regisztráció Rendelések Kosár tartalma

Aderlass Ring Vest Denim ONLY 54,00 EUR

Vest with buttons on it's front and decorated with bondage strips and D-rings.
Made of: 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex.
Color: black
Origin: EU 

Army Shirt ONLY 30,00 EUR

Slimfit, tough material, comes with epaulettes and front pockets, cotton.
Color: black.

Bat Attack Shirt Bondage Buckle ONLY 53,00 EUR

With chest pockets, buckle applications, and motive buttons.
size L: shoulder ca. 48 cm / chest ca. 112 cm, arminner length ca. 54 cm / length ca. 73 cm.

Bat Attack Skirt Sundown ONLY 60,00 EUR

Wide cut long skirt, with stretch panel and lacing on the back, cotton.
Size M: waist ca. 79 cm, length ca. 103 cm.
Color: black.

Bat Attack Skirt Vengeance ONLY 40,00 EUR

Long, simple skirt with elastic band, dagged at the sides, cotton.
Length ca. 107 cm, waist ca. 70 cm.
Size: one-size.
Color: black.

Black Pistol Short Kilt Tartan ONLY 44,00 EUR

Kilt at the typical tartan style with one attached pocket as well as big belt loops, cotton.
Color: black/white.

Infernal Demon Bondage Skirt ONLY 119,00 EUR

Wide skirt with bondagestraps, bags and d-rings, cotton.
Waist size 32 ca. 80 cm/ size 38 ca. 94 cm, length ca. 105 cm.
Color: black.

Kilt Black D-Ring ONLY 83,00 EUR

Knee long kilt with attached pockets, rivets, d-rings and zip length ca. 60 cm, waist size M ca. 84 cm, cotton.
Color: black.

Mini Skirt Diary of Red ONLY 88,00 EUR

Satine mini with waistband made of cotton, tulle application, straps, d-rings, eyes, to close by zip.
Length ca. 35 cm, waist size S ca. 72 cm.
Color: black/red.

Aasith Black Capri Leggings 22,00 EUR

Pretty black capri length leggings with stocking seam style satin ribbon down the back of the legs ending in cute bows at the top and bottom.
Shown with Freya Extra Length Key Hole Top and Freya Black Faux Fur Trimmed Jacket!
Color: black
Origin: EU 


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