Belépés Regisztráció Rendelések Kosár tartalma

Absinthe Fairy Spirit Crystal - ring 30,00 EUR

An emerald pond of illusion and creation. Absinthe was always called "the green fairy" by the doyennes of La Bell Epoch, (őthe good times), mostly artists, writers, poets, philosophers, etc, who congregated in Paris around 1880-1918.
The crystal's width ca. 1,4 cm.
Diameter: S=18 mm, M=19 mm, L=20 mm, XL=21 mm, XXL=22 mm.

Angels Eye - ring 23,00 EUR

His deep, Swarovski crystal eye is engraved with the pentagram from the seal of the archangel Metatron. The Seal of Metatron, including the pentagram engraved in the back of the crystal eye.                                                                                                  Diameter: N=18 mm, Q=19 mm, T=20 mm, W=21 mm, Y=22 mm                                Made of: pewter (nickel free)                                                                                          Origin: EU

Beige brain - brooch and pendant 4,00 EUR

Horror style brooch and pendant (2 in 1).
This amazing cameo is set in very decorative frame.
It shows a beige brain. It looks really realistic!
You can wear it as necklace - just attach a chain.
Made of: pewter
Color: beige, black
Height: 5 cm
Width: 4 cm
Origin: EU

Chaos Signet - ring 23,00 EUR

The polished, black-enamelled device of the infamous, maelstromic arrows.
Diameter: N=18 mm, Q=19 mm, T=20 mm, W=21 mm, Y=22 mm.
Origin: EU

Chaosium (cuff stud) - earring 15,00 EUR

A Hematine cabochon, chaos-arrows stud, with shackled cuff.
Made of: hematite, pewter
Origin: EU 

Cross necklace 2,00 EUR

Necklace with gothic style cross.
The pendant's height 3 cm, width 3 cm.

Cross necklace 2,00 EUR

Necklace with cross with vampire skull.
The pendant's height 5 cm.

Dark Vampirella Hairpiece Black/Red 60,00 EUR

High quality human hair with japanese fibre streaks, 24 inches (ca. 61,5 cm) long, comes in plain or streaked colours, washable, price per piece.
Colour: black/red.
Size: one-size.

Gardenia - choker 15,00 EUR

Gardenia choker is made from finest black velvet ribbon, trimmed with matching gathered black satin ribbon.
Center piece features gray cameo girl in a filigree frame.
Charming key pendant is hanging from the frame.
Size adjustable with satin ribbon on the back of the choker.
Made of: satin, velvet
Color: black
Choker width: ~ 6 cm
Origin: EU

Great wish - ring 15,00 EUR

The Latin inscription 'Meus opus magnus' is the Alchemical spiritual wish for 'The complete fulfilment of life'.
Diameter: N=18 mm, Q=19 mm, T=20 mm, W=21 mm, Y=22 mm.
Made of: pewter (nickel free)
Origin: EU


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