Belépés Regisztráció Rendelések Kosár tartalma

Chaosium (cuff stud) - earring 15,00 EUR

A Hematine cabochon, chaos-arrows stud, with shackled cuff.
Made of: hematite, pewter
Origin: EU 

Heart's Blood - earring 19,00 EUR

Swarovski crystals glitter just under the surface of the clear, blood read enamel.
Studs, pair.
Made of: pewter (nickel free)
Color: red
Origin: EU

Wyverex - earrings 12,00 EUR

Rare Medieval beast of proven origins and powerful influence.
Height: 29 mm
Weight: 25 mm
Depth: 5 mm
Weight: 3 g
Made of: pewter
Origin: EU


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